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Google, Twitter, Meta Agree to Adopt Strict Measures Against Spam Bots to Follow EU’s New Code of Conduct

Tags: access and identity management(1)
Google, Twitter, Microsoft and others agreed to take a tougher line against disinformation including deep fakes and fake accounts under an updated EU code of practice, Ignoring the code can end up in hefty fines.

Elon Musk threatens to walk away from Twitter deal

Tags: access and identity management(1)
The billionaire accuses the company of "thwarting" his requests to learn more about spam accounts.

EU's New Rules May Compel Google, Facebook, Twitter to Counter Deepfakes, Spam Accounts

Tags: access and identity management(2)
Google, Facebook, Twitter and other companies may come under compulsion to counter deepfakes, spam accounts once soon after EU announces its updates code of practice this week. Ignoring the rules may attract hefty fines on social media giants.

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