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Kaspersky Finds Cybersecurity Threat That Targets iPhone Users via Malicious iMessage Attachment

Tags: virus(1), threat(2), Targets(2), malware(1), cybersecurity(2)
... The malware, found when the company was monitoring its own Wi-Fi network for mobile devices, infects the phone via a received iMessage, which contains a malicious attachment.

macOS 'Migraine' Exploit Capable of Bypassing System Integrity Protection Detected by Microsoft

Tags: Security(1), vulnerability(1), system integrity(2), malware(1), integrity(2), exploit(2), attacker(1)
... Dubbed "Migraine", the exploit could be used to infect a Mac with malware, gain high-level kernel access and enable rootkits.

Microsoft: Chinese hackers hit key US bases on Guam

Tags: malware(1)
The malware hit facilities on Guam that would be critical to any US response to an invasion of Taiwan.

Malicious Software Used by Russian Spies Sabotaged by FBI

Tags: Security(1), malware(1)
... Senior law enforcement officials said FBI technical experts had identified and disabled malware wielded by Russia's FSB security service against an undisclosed number of American c...

Android Phones Preinstalled With Malware That Collects Data, Injects Ads and Drains Battery: Report

Tags: Security(1), malware(3)
Guerrilla malware has been detected on over 8.9 million devices from over 50 smartphone makers, and the malicious software comes preinstalled on these phones, according to a security firm. Here's everything you need to know about the Guerrilla malware and how it affects an impacted smartphone.

Daam Virus That Steals Call Logs, History and Accesses Cameras Spreading on Android Phones, CERT-in Warns

Tags: virus(3), Targets(1), malware(1)
... CERT-In says the Daam Android malware can also "bypass anti-virus programs and deploy ransomware on the targeted devices" and is distributed through third...

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